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US in South AfricaI am a proud mother of two boys (now both in college) as well as a nutrition and lifestyle behavior change coach, trainer, and consultant.  I enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods.  I have spent more than ten years now trying to “fix it” when it comes to healthy eating and am well equipped to support you in your own efforts to reach a healthy balance.

I consider self-care is an important piece of this puzzle and a critical component of caring for others, particularly our children.  From my own experience, I had to address consistent weight gain, particularly excess fat around my waist line that caused me to shift over a period of ten years,  from a size four to a size fourteen.  I knew I had to take care of myself if I was going to be strong and healthy to watch my kids grow and enjoy their many adventures and achievements.  In 2012, I took a break from full-time employment and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ( where I learned about numerous nutritional theories and principles as well as their practical applications through health and wellness coaching.  The learning and adjustment continues to this date.

Applying what I learn has helped me better manage my weight; it has allowed my hair to grow healthier again; I am able to maintain more stable levels of energy throughout the day without a reliance on caffeine; I cope better with life stressors; and  I generally feel healthier.  I believe I am a better mother and wife as a result. This was my season to reach for health and healing.  I am now in a better position to support my family and others who are ready to embark on a similar journey.  And though I still have to continue working on preventing setbacks, these are the best improvements I have achieved my entire life!

I am ready to guide you as you embrace your own season of health and wellness.  In my wellness coaching, I focus on five principles: eating right, being mindful, continuous learning, adjusting as needed, and applying through connections with and support to others.  These inward and outward principles and processes have enabled me to reclaim a healthier balance in my own life.  They can help restore your balance too, and I am ready to show you how if you are ready to welcome your own season of health and healing.  Enroll in one of my upcoming workshops and you will learn how to do just that.  My training workshops guide you on ways to apply these five principles to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy balance.   I look forward to supporting you!

To Your Health and Wellness,

Rose Kadende-Kaiser, Ph.D.
Health and Wellness Coach and Trainer
Community Health Program Design Consultant


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