Global Wellness Consulting

Wellness Coaching, Training, and Consulting Services

Season of Health Logo 6Our services include wellness coaching for individuals and small groups, behavior change training workshops and consulting services in community health and development through support to design, implement, or manage programs.  We provide nutrition and lifestyle coaching to raise awareness of the resources people have within and without, to address their health and wellness needs. We hold behavior change training workshops for individuals, community change agents, and staff in their offices, at staff retreats or at community centers on a variety of nutrition and lifestyle topics that build local capacity for wellness. We offer consulting services to organizations and corporate entities to support the integration of wellness coaching principles in the design, management, and implementation of community health and development programs. We provide tools and support for program monitoring and evaluation of health and wellness programs. We promote personal, community, and corporate responsibility, ownership and sustainability of wellness goals, programs, and achievements.

We believe that the coaching approach empowers clients to recognize the skills and tools that are already within their reach to improve health and wellness.  Coaching works best when individuals or groups of people are able to identify specific wellness goals, define their wellness vision, and are looking for support to move in the direction of their vision in a practical and sustainable way.  Our approach to programming is nutrition and gender-sensitive.

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