International Background

soh-4Season of Health was founded by Rose Kadende-Kaiser, a wellness coach, behavior change trainer and consultant in international community development.  After spending about fifteen years working in international community health and development, Rose sensed the need for a more holistic but realistic approach to development, one that would leave communities better off than they were when she and her colleagues started working with them.  Her interest was in an integrated model that would include elements of balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle, and proper coaching techniques to better support individuals and communities to achieve more sustainable health, wellness, and development initiatives.  What triggered this search for an improved model of community health and development was a realization that access to financial resources (i.e. donor funding) does not necessarily translate into choices that promote better health and lasting development outcomes. The more she assessed what was achieved after each funding cycle,  the more she realized that communities were becoming more and more dependent on donor aid and in many cases, they were not in better shape than they were before they received funding.  She concluded that many of these communities needed a different model of development.  This model would empower individuals and communities to appreciate and make better use of their own skills and resources to fight the ills of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices that in the end interfere with efforts to reach improved development outcomes.

Rose decided to enroll in a health coach training program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), that provided her with the skills and tools she needed to guide and empower individuals to adopt desired behaviors.  This training increased her knowledge and understanding of nutrition theories and practice. She learned from leading experts in integrative health, functional medicine, and holistic health and wellness, who introduced her to various self-help tools that can be adapted to local needs and applied to design a well-integrated development program with a greater chance of promoting lasting behavior change in communities.

Lessons learned through Rose’s health coach training and her previous professional experiences provided the foundation from which she established Season of Health.  She now applies the health coaching skills, to promote health and wellness for individuals, small groups, organizations and companies.  She believes that coaching principles when properly applied, can bridge the gap between funding that targets improved health outcomes and the actual behavior change that results in better health. Health coaching guides individuals through the stages of change and empowers them to develop goals that are realistic and achievable.

Rose applies the same behavior change principles in designing and implementing community health and development programs in sectors such as agriculture and food security, health and nutrition and others involved in social and behavior change communication.  If you are looking for a partner to help you achieve your individual wellness or your community development goals, Season of Health was established with your needs in mind.  Schedule an initial consultation today!  I look forward to supporting you!

Rose Kadende-Kaiser, Ph.D.
Health and Wellness Coach and Behavior Change Trainer
Community Health Program Design Consultant