From workshop participants:

“I like that you use real life examples in your training.  I learned, especially that I need to listen to my body after meals so see if the food agrees with me or not.  I learned also how to get healthier snacks and ways to prepare food so as to keep the good nutrients.  Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.”   F. N., Silver Spring MD

“The nutrition field is so big that we need regular updates.  I am satisfied with what I learned today and will make an effort to drink water more regularly.  Let me know when you offer your next workshop.” M.W., Silver Spring MD

“This was a great workshop.  Well Done.  Thank you so much, Rose.” N. D., Silver Spring MD

“I learned a lot about nutrition.  We covered so much in a relatively short amount of time.  You made healthy eating sound easy and more fun.  I liked also the small group discussions.  Thank you so much.” J.T. Silver Spring, MD

“Rose, I must write to congratulate you on your excellent presentation.  It was so well done and so professional.  I will not be able to make all the sessions, but it looks like you already have a loyal following.”  C. N. Silver Spring, MD

From Wellness Coaching and detox Clients:

“Working with Rose at Season of Health has changed my life in many ways.  My digestion has greatly improved.  I used to suffer from acid reflux and constipation and did not know that by changing some of my eating habits, I could stop these.   Now I pay attention to what I buy in the store and what I eat.  Probably the most important thing I learned was to stop worrying about those things I cannot control and generally to be thankful for what I have.  I sleep so deeply now, sometimes it scares me!  I have more energy and get a lot done during the day.    I highly recommend Season of Health for your health counseling needs.”

“Thank you Rose for your coaching support during the detox.  I tried a few of your recipes and they are are delicious and healthy.  I will start adding some of them in my regular meals for my family.  Your availability to answer questions as needed and to encourage me during the detox helped me stay on track. I ended up losing a few pounds (about 4) but most important for me was being able to sleep soundly through the night and feel refreshed in the morning.”

“Rose, thank you for all the wisdom you shared during the detox.  I did not know what to expect but you helped us get back on track of eating healthy.  I appreciate all the materials you sent us as well as your availability to answer questions as they came up.  We are now eating more vegetables than we did before, and I feel lighter as a result.”