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How to Simplify Healthy Eating


 And Flood Your Body With Nourishment Without the Sugar Crash or Energy Dips 

You’ve seen them before.


The people who are always full of energy, stay on top on things, and yet are never tempted by all the junk foods that are available wherever you look.  

The ones who bound down the stairs in the morning without having to grab a donut or a cup of coffee.

These are the people who you shake your head and roll your eyes at, because they somehow find the energy to even get up early, get organized for the day ahead, perhaps stop at the gym, and spend a productive day in the office…

And when they get home, they still have enough energy left in the tank to cook a healthy meal, catch up with their kids around dinner and have all dishes cleaned before sitting in a relaxing chair meditating on all the positives of that day and finally getting ready for bed.

You wonder how they are able to keep going without passing out on the sofa after work. 

Even more intriguing – they do it with a smile on their face.

How is it that some people can do all this? Well, it’s NOT because they’re different from you and me. 

They don't have better genetics.

They were not born with some magic wand or genie that grants them energy on demand. 

And they’re not naturally blessed with more “energy” than the rest of us.

They just do a few key things differently every day. And they certainly do not fall for these energy traps.
What are those traps you may ask?

The Key to their Natural All Day Energy

Image by Monika Grabkowska

Isn’t Hidden In Some Stimulant Or New Energy Pill…
It’s Actually About Consistently Managing These Key “Energy Thieves” from Their Life

As you may realize already, there are quite a number of dietary and lifestyle choices that are energy-drainers and challenge your overall sense of well-being each and every day.


Things like sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Now, those are the obvious ones, but there are dozens of “energy thieves” including several that are hidden in the so-called "healthy" foods.


And here’s the thing…


If you never manage these energy thieves out of your diet, no amount of coffee or superfood, no energy drink, pill or surgical operation will cleanse your body, restore inner balance and bring you the natural energy you need, in order to get the most out of your life.


I should know, I’ve lived through this myself...

My Story


I grew up drinking black tea with whole milk and sugar that often tasted more like a candy bar first thing in the morning. 

It wasn't just the processed sugar I added often to my morning cereal or tea, it was also sugary soft drinks that I had often as well as an excessive amount of the natural sugars in fruits that I ate liberally when they were in season.

No matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to get a handle on the health issues I struggled with, without getting a handle on the amount of sugar I ate both in processed and in natural forms. Even the herbal remedies, traditional “cures” or going to see a doctor, did not seem to give me lasting relief from those health issues. But once I started a sugar detox and focused on balancing meals while removing foods with added sugar from my diet - bit by bit - I started feeling better inside my body, recovered from some of the symptoms I had lived with for years, I felt more energized all day long, and started looking years younger, which gave me the motivation to keep managing my diet, minimizing sugar intake and preventing poor food choices from controlling the direction of my health again.

With more energy, it became easy to exercise regularly, to reach a healthy weight and maintain it, and to feel driven to pursue my passion and purpose in life.

Along with this daily morning routine, I regularly ate cereal in the form of porridge from either corn, wheat or other grains that were in season. Initially I would feel energized but as I got older, food choices changed and I started eating processed cereal or white bread with my sugary tea. The initial burst of energy  started turning into a sugar crash. Overtime, I developed a host of other symptoms that were exacerbated by an unhealthy intake of sugar especially given that I often struggled from indigestion. 

That’s why I’m such a big believer in knowing my food choices, relying more on an unprocessed diet that aims to minimize sugar intake as much as possible. As you do this, you too will be removing your main energy zappers as well! And your weight and overall health will also benefit. 

Of course, the big question is… how do you identify all your sources of sugar (including the ones hiding in plain sight) and then get them out of your foods and your life?

21 Days Balanced Eating Challenge:


Introducing The


Your Easy, Science-Backed 
Clean Eating Program to Boost Energy and Focus, Manage Weight, and Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels.

Fruit Salad

What You Will Discover

In this challenge, you’ll discover the fundamentals to improving your health, by eliminating the main energy zappers and key health traps.

You’ll be able to gradually increase your sense of well-being - all completely naturally. 

And you’ll do it in a way that feels easy and nearly effortless. 

Plus You’ll also go through 

Untitled design (1).png

7 powerful and fun challenges that will help you see fast and lasting results with your energy levels and overall health. 

Each challenge will leave you feeling nourished and empowered to sustain the habits that will keep your processed foods intake in control. 

In the 21 Days Balanced Eating Challenge, you’ll discover:

The real “secret” to maintaining stable energy

How to eat for healthy blood sugar levels

The best way to consume sugar without sacrificing on your health and weight goals

How to enjoy tasty foods without additives that trick your taste buds but are not nourishing. 

A quick energy pick-me-up that improves your focus almost instantly 

5 tips to help you kick the sugar habit once and for all... even if you have a serious sweet tooth

How to improve your digestive health without taking any medication or supplements.

How to set yourself up to win the day, and make it easy to eat clean day in and out. 

One type of food you should be eating at almost every meal (this is a gamechanger)

A simple way to know if your food really is clean or if there are sneaky ingredients hidden in it

How to limit harmful toxins in foods. 

✔ And much more… 


When you join the 21 Days Balanced Eating Challenge: Your Easy, Science-Based Clean Eating Program, you’ll learn why some people seem to have stable energy, are even-keel without too much emotional ups and downs, get sick less frequently, and how you too can become one of them

Untitled design.jpg

What you will get 

21 Days Balanced Eating Challenge: Your Easy, Science-Based Clean Eating Program to Boost Energy and Focus, Manage Weight and Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels includes a combination of in-depth and detailed instructions and hands-on activities to help you learn how to improve your eating habits in a short period of time.


This is a self-guided program and includes daily instructions, print materials, recipes, a food shopping list and short video demonstrations of food preparation techniques so that you know exactly what foods you can include regularly in your diet and how to prepare them and enjoy them while avoiding empty calorie foods and their long-term impact on your health. 

Overview: Why Sugar Detox?

Untitled design.png

Understand what sugar detox is and how it can improve your health in several important ways. Join the 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge to learn how to easily and effectively eliminate added sugar from your diet once and for all. (Plus: Most people find they lose weight at the same time!). Success requires a mindset shift and a commitment to change. In all of my work as a health coach, the most successful clients are the ones who are ready to embrace whatever changes are needed in order for them to succeed. If you tell yourself that you'll succeed before you get started and do the work following the guidance in this Challenge, I'm convinced that you will succeed.

So, we'll get started with a "can do" mindset that believes in the power you have to change the direction of your health and your life by significantly reducing all sources of natural sugar and removing added sugar from your diet. That's why we're starting with a mindset detox before we dive deep into actual sugar detox. A food shopping list will be provided prior to Day 1 of the challenge.

Day 1

Challenge 1 - Sugar Detox Your Pantry and Fridge

Planning is a key step to any successful initiative. Planning a successful detox is not different. You will need to go through your pantry and fridge and play detective, uncovering all processed foods, sauces, condiments, drinks with added sugar. You will need to remove them and replace them with safer choices included on your food shopping list. We will have a daily "sugar-intake threshold" and will aim to minimize all sources of added sugar from your diet so as to stay within this threshold as much as possible. By buying and eating foods included on your food shopping list, you will be safe. 

Untitled design (1).jpg
Untitled design (2).jpg

Day 2

Challenge 2 - Sugar Detox Your Breakfast

Breakfast is by all accounts the most important meal of the day, whether you have it within an hour of waking up or hours later. The right breakfast can set you up for a day full of energy, nourishing your body and feeling great overall, so that you can get things done without the sugar crashes and energy zaps. Learn how to plan and enjoy your first meal of the day like a pro, choosing from some of the options included in the meal plan and that is included in this 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.

Day 3

Challenge 3- Sugar Detox Your Lunch and Dinner

Lunch is often a meal that most people do not necessarily think of as a sugar-laden meal. Yet, there are many hidden ingredients in breads used for sandwiches, in marinades, sauces, salad dressings, even ketchup. Learn how to give up some of the foods that are draining your energy and compromising on your gut health without you even knowing it and embrace eating "naked" lunches that can be prepared in advance, and are nourishing, while also being energizing and health-promoting. Also, learn the key steps to a healthy, sugar-free dinner for healthy blood sugar levels, to prepare you better for a good night rest, and helps to transform your digestive health and unlock a whole new level of well-being than you ever thought possible. 

Untitled design (3).jpg
Untitled design (4).jpg

Day 4

Challenge 4 - Sugar Detox Your Snacks

Learn how to choose healthy snacks that don't have hidden sugars in them. And these don't have to be bland and boring and you can prepare them in your own kitchen. You'll learn what to look for when you buy them at your local grocery store. Snack on but do it safely and avoid getting caught in a sugar vortex!

Day 5

Challenge 5 - Sugar Detox Your Desserts

If you are one of those people who easily crave something sweet during the day, learn how to curb those cravings with healthy alternatives to cookies, cakes and ice creams, and maintain a healthy distance from choices that can get you to slide back. Gain tips that will help you stay on top on those sugar pulls and keep yourself on the sugar detox winning side.

Untitled design (5).jpg
Untitled design (6).jpg

Day 6

Challenge 6 - Sugar Detox Your Drinks

Learn the key steps to proper hydration and why added sugar does not fit into a sugar detox program. Know how much sugar is added to the "so called" healthy drinks, including "green smoothies" and get ready to choose the ones that best support your health while removing excess sugar.   

Day 7

Challenge 7 - Sugar Detox for Life

Learn how to completely transform your life by implementing changes that will last as you continue to manage sugar intake from all the sources, and making food choices that better support your health. Your future health depends on how well you manage this key step, keeping your overall sugar intake in check, not just during the 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge but also for life. 

Untitled design (7).jpg
Untitled design (8).jpg

Final Review

Each of the challenges contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts you learn to your own life... so you can take action right away and start seeing results even in as short a time as the 7 Days of the Challenge.

This 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge includes a private WhatsApp group, so that you never feel alone but instead are a part of a community to engage with for mutual support and continued guidance and inspiration even after the 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge ends. This 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge includes a sample meal plan with "no sugar added" recipes released before the Challenge begins. 

The Challenge will teach you everything you need to know to create a dramatic breakthrough in your health and energy levels, while also promoting focus, long-term healthy blood sugar levels and gut health.

Can You Afford to Wait?

Spinning your wheels, hoping your sugar cravings and overall health and sense of well-being improve just one day out of the blue isn’t a strategy…

Fresh Salad & Bread

You don’t have to live your life with low-energy, excess weight, unhealthy blood sugar levels, poor gut health, and increased risks of chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, liver disease, or heart disease.  All it takes is taking the right steps, and having a clear path forward. 

Join the 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge, and get crystal clear on the right path that will help you to start feeling better on the inside even in as short a time as the 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.

For the next few days (April 16-21, 2024), for only $37 and get yourself on the right path to better health, clean eating habits, stable energy, healthy blood sugar levels, while also lowering your risks of chronic conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, impaired liver function and heart disease. Research shows that these conditions are associated with a consistently high sugar intake and unhealthy blood sugar levels. 

This small investment gives you access to daily tips, a downloadable food shopping list, a 7 Day Sample Meal Plan with recipes, activities and exercises to help you stay engaged with the content and make it easy for you to participate in implementing what you learn as you go.

And you’ll be able to download all print materials so that you can refer to them any time and be able to return to this material whenever you need a quick refresher. 

7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge:


Introducing The


This 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge contains a proven and powerful process for setting you on the right path to managing sugar intake for lasting energy, a healthy weight, improved digestion, healthy blood sugar levels and more.


You’ll know what changes you need to make to sustain the gains of this 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge. 

You’ll feel happier, you’ll find that you lose weight too, if that is one of your goals.

No matter where you’re starting now, no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed before ...I’m 100% confident that if you do the work, review the materials and put them to the test, you’ll FEEL and SEE the results. Others will notice too and likey compliment you on how great you look as you embrace a healthier lifestyle, enjoying foods and drinks with "no added sugar".

Now is the time to start rewinding your body clock and restoring your natural, all day energy and sense of well-being without the sugar crash that's taking more out of you than it gives you. 

Join the 7 Day Sugar Detox Challenge today to learn how. 

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