My Story

I never worried about my weight until I reached my forties. I did, however, experience heart burn and digestive issues which eventually evolved into a stomach ulcer. I was prescribed different types of medications including antacids but none offered sustained relief. In my forties, I gradually began to add unwanted weight and by the time I was fifty, much of this excess weight had found a home around my belly. At my worst, I weighed 157 pounds (71 kilos), and wore a US size fourteen dress. I also developed high blood pressure that required me to take prescription medications. At that point, I started seeing myself as vulnerable. I worried that I would not even make it to age 70, the age both of my parents passed away.


This is when I knew that something had to change. And it did. I decided to prioritize self-care. I knew that if I did not take care of myself, nobody else will. I also embarked on a personal journey to understand myself better. I returned to school to learn about wellness and how our food and lifestyle choices affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I started applying what I learned and many of symptoms of my poor health started going away. Knowing what to eat has made a big difference in how I feel. I rarely suffer from indigestion and I don't even remember the last time I took any antacids, all because I changed my diet. I made lifestyle changes as well, taking time to exercise, respecting my sleep needs and managing stress better.


These diet and lifestyle changes enabled me to reach a healthy weight. Currently, I weigh 130 pounds (59 kilos) and wear a US size four dress. I continue to learn about food and enjoy teaching others about the benefits of eating whole, unprocessed and local foods whenever  possible. I grow my own vegetables and herbs when I can as well, and I cook my own meals most of the time. This allows me to establish the link between what I eat and how I feel afterwards. With the improvements I continue to experience, food has become my most trusted medicine.


The lessons I learned and the habits I developed taught me that we can revitalize our body and keep a healthy weight, even as we experience  hormonal changes in midlife. In my book, Belly Fat in Midlife: Practical Steps to Revitalize Your Changing Body, I share the specific steps that I followed to lose excess weight and inches off my waistline in midlife. It is based on my personal experience and informed by health and wellness experts, whose recommendations I have put into practice. The book covers three main areas: Mindset, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. These are areas  that women in midlife must pay attention to if they want to keep a healthy weight during this phase of their lives.


The book will provide you with  the knowledge and practical tools you need to prevent excessive weight gain and the build-up of fat around the waistline in midlife. If you apply the practical steps the book recommends, you will enjoy a healthy and more balanced midlife. I welcome you on this journey. You will be happy you did. Your loved ones will be happy for you. I know my husband and our two boys are happy to see me in better and healthier shape than I was nearly fifteen years ago.

Rose Kadende-Kaiser, Ph.D.

Health and Wellness Coach, Trainer and Author