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Rose's Journey

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Rose Kadende-Kaiser, Ph.D.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,
Author and Wellness Consultant.

I never worried about my weight until I reached my forties. But then gradually, my weight started shifting and I went from wearing a dress size 4 to a 6, then from 8 to a 10, then 12 then 14. By the time I turned fifty, much of this excess weight had found a home around my belly with a weight of 157 pounds (71 kilos). I also developed high blood pressure. At that point, I started seeing myself as vulnerable and that perhaps I would end up with the same health issues that ended up taking my parents. 


I knew that something had to change. And it did. I decided to prioritize self-care. I embarked on a personal journey to understand myself better. I returned to school to learn about integrated approaches to wellness and how our food and lifestyle choices affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I started applying what I learned and many of symptoms of my poor health started to go away. I rarely suffer from indigestion and I don't even remember the last time I took any antacids. I exercise regularly and have greatly improved in areas of hormonal health, memory, sleep and stress management. 


Currently, I weigh around 130 pounds (59 kilos) and wear a US size four dress. With the improvements I continue to experience, I am committed to taking care of myself so that I can be fully present and whole to be able to offer the best care and support I want to give to others.

Many of the lessons I learned along the journey brought me back to life before I hit midlife. They are included in my book, Belly Fat in Midlife

A brief summary of some of the key points in the book are in this  "Shrink Belly Fat Quick Start Guide". Grab your copy today.  It's Free!

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