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How to Adopt a Healthy Eating Lifestyle


To Finally Stop Worrying about Your Weight... and Become One of Those People Who Makes It All Look So Easy 

If you’re tired of trying to lose the same 10-20 pounds (or more) over and over again…


If you dread the thought of having to go on yet another diet that tells you the foods you can and can’t eat…

And if you’re tired of the confusion, frustration, and discomfort that comes with trying to get your weight and your well-being under control…

… this message is for you. 

The truth of the matter is, so many people have experienced the craziness of unsuccessful dieting. 

And while some diets or approaches to eating may work in the short term, most of them unfortunately fail in the long term.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way…

You really can make eating healthy foods delicious and something you look forward to.

You really can put an end to the emotional ups and downs that come with trying to manage your weight and get healthier… 

And you really can feel great about yourself.

Yes, YOU can do these things.

However, you can’t do it by following a fad diet that can lead to a setback in your overall balance. Fad diets can help you lose weight fast but they don't take into consideration how losing weight too fast can negatively impact your body and even your emotions. 

Worse, they tend to increase risks of putting you on the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster and often require huge amounts of willpower and monk-like discipline. 

They can be a recipe for disaster. 

So, if you’re tired of buying yet another “bestselling” book, or another program to find out what the secret list of foods and food combinations are…

Let’s step away from the fad dieting world, and try a new approach.

Because what you need is an approach that makes embracing healthy eating something you want to do and can sustain on your own. 

You need something that comes easily and becomes habitual, because you don’t want to stress out or spend hours and hours every day or tons of mental and emotional energy to make healthy eating and healthy living easy.

What You Need Is a Simple Process that Makes Preparing Nutritious Meals Quick and Easy


I know first-hand the powerful difference a simplified, yet effective approach to healthy eating can make.

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My Story


For years, I relied on an inadequate diet, not knowing which foods were most beneficial and which were harmful. At some point, I was even misled into thinking that dietary fat was what made us fat. In midlife, when my excess weight became a risk factor for other serious health issues, I embraced a vegetarian way of eating not knowing the safest way to do so and this led me to consume way more carbohydrates than was healthy for me. At the same time, I was not eating enough protein, avoided most sources of fat. Cooking tasty meals that did not include fat was always a challenge. So, I did my best but was often not satisfied with the meals I prepared. Cooking became a chore rather than something I enjoyed doing and looked forward to.

When I finally learned what balanced meals looked like and the easiest way to make healthy eating quick and easy, without spending too much time in the kitchen or more money on food, this was a game changer. I not only was able to prepare tasty and nutritious meals, but I saw improvements in my health. I started digesting foods better, my hair grew thick again, and I have been able to sustain the weight I lost for at least six consecutive years now. 

Cooking healthy meals has become a nearly effortless habit for me. To succeed requires embracing a balanced way of eating as the foundation for weight management and a healthier body and mind. That's why I'm excited to teach you the exact approach I follow that enables me to prepare most of my meals at home and make it easy to eat healthy foods nearly every day, while also maintaining a healthy weight even now in my 60's. 

You too can gain control over your weight and improve your well-being if you embrace healthy eating and make it part of your lifestyle.

Image by Monika Grabkowska

What You Need


When you look at folks who just seem to be “naturally” in good shape and don’t struggle with weight issues, chances are they are doing just a few key things differently from you. 

Sometimes they do it consciously. But most of the time, it’s simply the healthy habits they have embraced and are able to maintain that give them the results that you too want to achieve. 

Understanding what these steps are, is the key to making healthy living enjoyable and something you do automatically. 

That’s how you finally put an end to struggles with your weight.

That’s why I’m excited to offer you a short, targeted course that will teach you what these practical steps are, and help you map out how to make them part of your life. 

How to Embrace Healthy Eating to Support 
Your Weight Goals in Seven Easy Steps




In this course, divided into three modules (with 2 to 4 lessons in each module) will be offered over a period of three weeks, you’ll discover the step-by-step process to ditching fad and extreme diets that lead to long-term struggles with your weight and health, and instead developing the right habits that simplify healthy eating for you. 

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You’ll learn exactly what actions you need to take to set yourself up for success.


You will also learn how to plan out your meals and how to incorporate into your own lifestyle, the simple steps of those who are able to naturally eat healthy meals and keep a healthy weight through midlife and beyond.

The bottom line is, you can make this your last stop on your dieting journey. 

With "How to Embrace Healthy Eating...", you’ll discover:

  Why diets don't work

  The shockingly simple formula for losing weight and keeping it off for good

 Why most people eat reactively... and how to finally break the habit for better health and weight management

 How to make sure you eat healthy meals that taste great (even if you're incredibly busy)

 Why too much variety can actually derail your weight loss efforts (and what to do instead)

 A simple trick that makes it far easier to stay on track with your eating plan

 And much more...

When you join How to Embrace Healthy Eating to Support Your Weight Goals in Seven Easy Steps, you get more than a list of ideas, tactics, and strategies. You get the easiest and most effective steps for embracing healthy eating and healthy living.

By the end of three weeks, you will have access to all course content that will show you how to make healthy weight management a reality for you. You will have the opportunity to refer to this content for up to a full year (12 months). 

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How to Embrace Healthy Eating to Support Your Weight Goals in Seven Easy Steps

Includes a combination of science-based instruction and hands-on activities.

This course is self-guided and includes recorded videos and 2 live Q&A sessions, downloadable PDFs, assignments and discussion prompts that help students engage with the materials and ask their instructor any questions they may have throughout the duration of the course.


What we’ll cover

Module 1

Lay the Foundation for Healthy Eating Success

Lesson 1: Understand Why Focus on Healthy Eating Rather Than Dieting
Discover exactly why diets fail and learn to make healthy eating easy, enjoyable and effective so that losing weight comes naturally and is sustainable over the long term. 

Lesson 2: Meal Planning for Healthy Eating 
Learn how to be more mindful about your food choices to make meal planning and meal prepping a natural step in weight management.


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Module 2

Prepare and Eat Healthy Meals to Nourish Your Body

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Lesson 1: How to Make Your First Meal of the Day Count
Find out why you don’t want to skip breakfast, and get some delicious and healthy breakfast ideas that are quick and easy (no matter how busy you are). 


Lesson 2: Make Healthy Lunches to Fuel Your Body for the Rest of the Day
Discover how to be mindful of what you eat for lunch, so you don’t crash in energy later in the day or fall for bad snack choices. Plus get tasty lunch ideas that are easy to prepare in advance. 

Lesson 3: Prepare Nutritious and Delicious Dinners to Build You Up While You Sleep

Even if you’re not a cook (or hate cooking), you’ll learn how to structure easy-to-make meals that are tasty and nourishing and will support your body to rejuvenate while you sleep. 

Lesson 4: Keep Hunger at Bay with Healthy Snacks
Learn how to prepare healthy and satisfying snacks in advance so that you have them with you - to keep hunger at bay - whether you’re at work or on the go. 


Module 3

Embrace Healthy Eating for Life

Lesson 1: How to Make Healthy Habits Stick

Learn how to stick to these amazing healthy eating habits so that you can keep treating your body like a temple of balance and inspiration for as long as possible. 

Lesson 2: Wrapping Things Up

In this final lesson, we want to recap everything you learned and make sure you’ve taken the time to reflect on each lesson of each module. From there, we’ll share with you our final tips and tactics for helping you to jumpstart healthy, delicious eating on a regular basis.

Each lesson contains targeted activities to help you apply the concepts to your own life. That way, you can take immediate action and start seeing results!

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This course includes a Food Shopping List, a 20 meal and snack ideas, a free membership to a private Fb or WhatsApp group, and 2 live Q&A sessions. This course will be offered over 3 weeks. All bonus content (see below) will be released on the same date as the release of your last module. 

This course will build the foundation for what you need to know to embrace healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle, so that losing weight comes naturally and can be easily sustained. You will learn the key concepts and strategies for success… and you will leave with a solid plan of action for creating healthier eating habits.


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Bonus 1: Dietary Supplements - Do You Need Them? 

Bonus 2: The Importance of Exercise in Weight Management

Bonus 3: A One-on-One Strategy Session on Your Health Goals

Bonus 1 will teach you all about the types of supplements that many people fall short on and what to do to introduce dietary supplements that may help fill any gaps from the foods you eat. Knowing the types of imbalances that you feel in your body will guide you to make the best of your visit with a healthcare professional who will recommend the best supplements you may need to take.

Bonus 2 will include tips on ways to make it easy to exercise or include regular movement in your daily routine.

Bonus 3 is up to you to schedule! But don't worry, I'll send you a reminder so you can take advantage of this strategy session to help you fast track your understanding of how to best reach your most important goal. 

Can You Afford to Wait?

Take a moment to think about where you want to be in 6 months from now. You might see yourself leaner… more vibrant… and feeling confident and great about yourself. 

Fresh Salad & Bread

You might see yourself fitting into the outfit you’ve always wanted to wear.

You might see others taking more notice of you.

Or you might start getting compliments from family and friends on how great you look.

Really visualize what that future looks and feels like. I’ll wait. :)



Got it? Now, answer this question honestly:

If you continue as you are today, are you on track to live that future that’s only 6 months away?

If not, then NOW is the time to change that.

Don’t spend another minute wishing there was a better way to take control of your weight and improve your health.


Join "HOW TO EMBRACE HEALTHY EATING TO SUPPORT YOUR WEIGHT GOALS IN SEVEN EASY STEPS" today, and give yourself the system, process and tools you need to make this important change in your life.

Enroll by May 29 and get a $50 off coupon to apply to this course so that you pay only $97 instead of $147 regular course price. This course starts on June 3, 2024

Enrolling in this course gives you access to every lesson, all the implementation exercises, a food shopping list, 20 meal and snack ideas, the one-on-one strategy session, membership to a private Fb or WhatsApp Group, and 2 live Q&A sessions. 

And you’ll have access to the course content for 1 full year, so you can return to this material every time you need to over 12 months. 

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

This course contains a proven, science-based system for embracing healthy, nutritious and delicious eating as part of your everyday life… so you can make it easy to gain control over your weight. If you do the work, I’m confident you’ll see results. However, I don't expect you to take my word for it. If after testing out the materials of the first two lessons, you are not satisfied, I will refund your investment, no questions asked. 

Now is the time to take back control over your weight and well-being. Join "How to Embrace Healthy Eating to Support Your Weight Goals in Seven Easy Steps" today to learn the step-by-step process for making healthy eating enjoyable... and something you actually look forward to.  

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