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Do you struggle to find foods that will give you sustained energy? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are in the right place

I will shed some light on what may be draining your energy after meals, why exercise and even your "healthy diet" can't seem to help to stop weight gain. And what you are missing that keep that keeps you from shrinking your stubborn belly. 


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Interested in going a little deeper? A 45-minute strategy session will help you determine which one of the upcoming courses or coaching program is right for you. You can sign up here.


Online Courses


Courses will address health risks associated with excess blood sugar and belly fat and what you can do to delay these health risks or prevent them altogether. Being overweight, having an expanded waistline and keeping unstable blood sugar levels increase one's risks of developing type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other bodily imbalances especially as we get older.

These 6-8 weeks online courses cover topics such as:

  • Restore Balance to Shrink Belly Fat (for those who don't know where to start to shrink stubborn belly fat

  • The Sweet Enough Blood Sugar Blueprint (for those with a family history of type 2 diabetes but are ready to take action to delay its onset)

  • Integrated Lifestyle to Shrink Belly Fat (For those who eat well and exercise regularly but still struggle with stubborn belly fat)

Choose the course that's right for you and save your spot today. If you're not sure which may be the best option for you, just get in touch with me and let me guide you on which course may be the most beneficial for you! 
The choices are:

  • Restore Balance to Shrink Belly Fat

  • The Sweet Enough Blood Sugar Blueprint

  • Integrated Lifestyle to Shrink Belly Fat


Coaching Programs

Looking for more personalized attention? Then sign up for one of these 1:1 coaching programs:

  • How to Restore Balance to Shrink Belly Fat 

  • How to Keep My Blood Sugar Sweet Enough 

  • How to Best Integrate My Lifestyle to Help Shrink Belly Fat 


Be sure to choose a start date.


Each coaching program includes an initial 12 sessions over a 12-week period aimed to build the necessary foundation for you to stand on your own, knowing what you may be missing in your diet and lifestyle, and how to adjust them for better results.


As your coach, my role is to guide you to get out of your way and into the driver's seat of your intended goals. I will answer your questions as they come up, encourage you along the way and celebrate your progress. 


Applying what you learn at each session is what will get you results.

Coaching Steps

Getting clear on your health goals and your most important priority among those goals

Highlighting what you already know that works and building on that

Identifying the key challenges or barriers to your success

Providing guidance on steps you can take to remove or work around those barriers 

Keeping track of improvements

Equipping you to sustain your success. 

Ready to decide for yourself? Schedule a free strategy session today! 


This approach allows for specific adjustments based on individual realities.

To get regular tips, encouragement, updates and recipes join our "Restore Balance to Shrink Belly Fat" FB group here.


You can read more about Rose Kadende-Kaiser, here. And don't forget to grab your copy of Shrink Belly Fat Quick Start Guide. It's Free!

Ready to prioritize self-care and restore balance as you welcome a new YOU?

Then enroll today and let the magic happen inside your body! 

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