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I Honor You Today!

Updated: May 19, 2020

I Honor The Woman Who Came Before Us The One Who Is Still With Us And The One Who Has Left Us But Continues to Live In Us

I Honor the Resilience In Our Mothers and  Grandmothers In Our Aunts and Ourselves Too In Our Sisters and Girlfriends Those for Whom Life’s Lessons Has Built a Stronger Core

I Honor the Love and Laughter In Our Daughters and Our Nieces And Our Granddaughters Too Those We Are Blessed With And Those Yet to Come As We Watch Them Grow Into the Better Leaders of Tomorrow

I Honor the Little Girl in Me And the Little Girl in You The One Untainted With Prejudice and Unfulfilling Expectations The Fearless One Who Knows No Bounds As She Creates and Co-Creates To Inspire and Lift Spirits The Girl Whose Gift Is the Seed of Her Passion To Give It Away

I Honor the Woman in Me And the Woman in You The Farmer and the Executive And Everyone of Us In-Between Stronger in Unity To Build a Better World

I Honor You My Mother Still Alive in Me And In You Too My Sister As I Celebrate Today the Good in You That Has Brought Out the Best in Me!

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