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You reach midlife and suddenly, it seems, your favorite dress stops fitting you.

You are too busy to take action.

Your kids need your undivided attention.

Responsibilities at work continue to increase.

Your aging parents count on you as their health begins to deteriorate.

Some of your friends and relatives need your support too.

For a while, you think you can handle anything and everything, their burdens and yours. You give all you can until you wake up to a body that needs help too, with rising blood pressure, knee and lower back pain, and an expanding belly. You know that your health is at risk. You must make major changes.

This realization set me on a path to learn what was at the root of my weight gain and ever-expanding waistline in midlife. Why were my healthy diet and exercise not keeping me in good shape? What could I do to restore inner balance, peace and better sleep? What was I missing that would help me to reach better results?

It took me nearly seven years of learning, adjusting and refocusing my life to reach a level of balance that I was comfortable with. Belly Fat in Midlife shares the various breakthroughs I reached along this journey to a healthier version of myself. I hope they will inspire you to take action and shrink your waistline as you revitalize your changing body in midlife and beyond. In fact, it's never too early to take care of yourself. The sooner, the better.

Book Review Highlights

"To begin with, Belly Fat in Midlife: Practical Steps to Revitalize Your Changing Body is about hope. ... Through faith, hard work and discipline, Kadende-Kaiser went from size 14 back to her youth size of 4. I feel hopeful that, by applying the same principles, I might achieve the miracle of going from my current size 22W to size 16W that I once was in my twenties....  Until I read Belly Fat in Midlife: Practical Steps. . .,  it never occurred to me to trace my belly fat back to childhood stress, having grown in a rather violent household." 
Immaculee Harushimana, Ph.D.

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